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At Sterling Restaurant Equipment we are dedicated to make our company a one stop shop for all our customers needs. For you connivence we have added a few reliable licensed technicians, installers, signage, and air conditioning companies to help make your life a little bit easier. Choose from our list below, and remember to mention we sent you to receive your special discount.

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Services In Florida State Area


Erica Brown | Commercial & Residential

Real Estate Agent & Processor

Jacksonville, Florida | Cell: (904) 662-6136


Al Robinson Indoor Air Quality Specialist

Service Manager | Cell: (904) 629-5347

Air Conditioning & Heating


Kamal | Commercial Contractor

Jacksonville, Florida | Cell: (904) 456-3215


Scott Henderson | Hope Health Program | St Vincent | Cell: (904) 495-6405

Commercial / Personal Health Insurance

Services In New York State Area

Nationwide Sign Services


Brandon Sign Specialist

Phone: (904) 378-6938


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