The Model A-2F has Connerton’s unique “Over/Under Broiling System”. Heat is applied to both sides of the product simultaneously by two sets of burners. One set is under the broiling griddle which isthermostatically controlled. The other set is above the broiling griddle and is an infrared type, producing a penetrating heat. The top griddle receives it’s heat from the broiler top burners; one set of burners doing two jobs.With the A-2F every job is done in half the time. Shrinkage isdramatically reduced due to the product being subjected to heatonly half as long. Since the heat is applied to both sides of theproduct simultaneously, natural juices are sealed in. There is no need to turn the product while cooking, and grease is not needed.Capital investment is reduced because a Connerton will give youmore output in half the floor and ventilator hood space.


A Connerton can be used for every meal in any operation. Even more important, guests will experience shorter wait times for a better tasting meal. Product Features 31-1/4"W x 25"D x 46-7/8"H, Cooking on both sides cuts cooking time in half, One set of burners is under the thermostatically controlled broiling griddle, A separate set of infrared burners is above the broiling griddle, The top griddle receives it's heat from the broiler top burners; one set of burners doing two jobs, Broiler grid pulls out 13", Maximizes floor and hood space with the additional griddle top, Cast iron top burners with ceramic radiants, 304 Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior Construction, 6" Stainless Steel Legs, 102,000 Maximum BTUs, 3/4 NPT Gas Inlet WARNING: Attention California Residents - Prop 65 Warning



Manufacture Connerton

Model # AF-2

Overall Width: 31 1/4”

Overall Depth (body): 25”

Overall Height: 47 3/8”

Top Fry Grid Height: 41 3/4”

Broiler Grid Up: 30”

Broiler Grid Down: 26”

Legs (S/S) : 6”

Broiler Grid pulls out: 15”

Broiler Grid: 17 3/4” x 23 1/2”

Top Fry Grid: 22” x 31”

Gas Inlet: 3/4” pipe

Maximum BTU: 102,000

Crated Weight (approx): 500 lbs.



BODY: 18 Gauge #304 Stainless Steel

INNER LINER: 24 Gauge #304 Stainless Steel

GRIDDLE PLATES: Top -- 1/2” Highly Polished Steel Plate

Bottom -- 5/8” Highly Polished Steel Plate

SPLASH: 14 Gauge #304 Stainless Steel

BURNERS: Top -- Cast Iron w/Ceramic Radiants

Bottom -- Stainless Steel

DRIP PAN: 18 Gauge #304 Stainless Steel

VALVES: Heavy Duty Brass


GAS PRESSURE: 4.0” Natural, 11.0” Propane


Available Options:

Casters (6” Locking)Grooved Grid plate

Chromed Grid plate

Charbroiled on top as sperate unit

Castor & Legs extensions 2” Height

New Connerton Cooking A-2F - Broiler Combo Griddle, 1" Grilling Plate NG

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